“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others” – Ghandi

We can really use your help with donations or in this case volunteering. We have different needs at different times from volunteers for fundraising events to specialists in certain areas that may want to donate time to help us with anything from construction, painting to business services. Please complete the below form along with any special skills or expertise you could offer or if you just want to help out at a fundraising or awareness event. We thank you for your interest and as always you can donate here.

  • Please List; School Name, City & State, Diploma, Degree, Certificate, or Grade Completed, and Dates Attended.
  • Please include all the below available details for the above Employment/Volunteerism section: Name of Employer or Volunteer Coordinator (Company, Agency, etc.) , Address, Position, Length of Time Employeed, Phone Number, Name of Supervisor and lastly Give a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of the position; including any special accomplishment or awards.
  • List at least three references. (Two professional, One personal) with these details for each: Name, Relationship, Address, Telephone No.#