“If we reach membership goals, the agency will have raised $160,000 in three years with donations as little as $100 a year.”


FRC is constantly searching for new ways of raising funds and awareness to assist in the mission to end family violence in the Virgin Islands. There is a large number of young professionals and small business owners in the St. Thomas/St. John District that we are not currently reaching. The Century Club will encourage this demographic to get involved in the mission, and help fund the immediate needs of the agency. The Century Club is a committee of like-minded individuals that will pool resources and funds to make a big difference in the community.


Not everyone can afford to make a $1,000 donation each year, but many can be encouraged to pledge just $100 (or $8.33/month) to a worthy cause. An annual pledge of $100 is all that is required in order to become a member. Each member will receive a card with which he or she can redeem discount, special offers, or coupons at various businesses around the islands. Participating businesses may include, but are not limited to, restaurants, gyms, office supply stores, dry cleaners, and retail stores. Once a month, new members will be inducted with a big Induction Party. Members will also be presented with various projects or needs of the agency and work together to raise the necessary funds. The goal of this program is 100 members by 2016, 500 members by 2017, and 1000 + members by 2017. If we reach membership goals, the agency will have raised $160,000 in three years.


Participating Businesses

Businesses that offer specials for Century Club Members receive constant promotion through the group. Members are incentivized to visit the locations to make purchases. The business will be featured in all membership packages, social media, promotional events, and induction parties.


  • Location Sponsor: Venue for Induction Parties and Membership meetings
  • Induction Party Sponsors: We will need to make these events exciting, entertaining, and exclusive. We will need a minimum of $500 in liquor sponsorship, prizes, decorations, etc.
  • Membership Cards: We will need cards printed for each member. An order of 100 cards shouldn’t exceed $250.

Committee Member Duties

  • Seek business partners for membership specials
  • Create a database of members who can donate $100. Incentives offered for bringing in members to the club.
  • Assist with induction parties: promotion, decoration, etc.

Each member of the Century Club receives a membership card upon donating, for which they will gain discounts and special offers from participating businesses in our community. As such a business, the Century Club will refer members to your business, and endorse your product through various marketing tools. Please consider offering a coupon, discount, or special to our members this year. Please enter the details of your offer below. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Century Club Interest